C4C supports GiP in Ukraine Crisis

C4C supports initiatives to assist populations affected by the war in Ukraine and we do this by adhering to cultural appropriate and informed initiatives that already exist. Our partner the Global Initiative on Psychiatry (GIP) is active in the region since 1990, and does an excellent job in building on local knowledge and linking to international resources.

Many well intended initiatives do not know the local situation well enough to make a difference themselves. We don’t need to re-invent the wheel to help people to deal with the traumas and impact related to the conflict in the Ukraine. What is need is to make sure people both here (refugees) and there (affected populations, organisations, volunteers, professionals) get direct help and have access to relevant resources.  GIP and its team of local professionals take care of that.

In February GIP launched a website (Support Ukraine (gip-global.org) with basic information: www.mymentalhealth.guide

For the Ukrainian version, see: www.samopomi.ch

For the Russian version, see: www.samopomo.ch

More information here”

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Telegram: https://t.me/samopomic

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